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Anaerobic Incubator YQX-I/II/T

Product Details

Place of Origin: Qingdao,China
Type: Anaerobic Incubator
Tags: Incubator Anaerobic Incubator
Brand Name: Creatrust 

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Port: Qingdao
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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Product Description

Anaerobic Incubator Main Features:

1. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controlling and overheating protection system.

2. UV disinfection light to avoid pollution.

3. Gas flow adjusted by pneumatics system.

4. Stainless steel operation room chamber. Thick, transparent and impact resistant glass window. Operations should be with gloves.

5. Special vaccination sticks sterilizer, cuvette rack and oxygen removing catalyst converter inside.

YQX-II Features:

1. Big LCD screen controller.

2. Touch switch for gas path control.

YQX-T Features:

1. Big touch screen control for safe, reliable, concise and easy to use.

2. Siemens PLC as the core controller, together with high precision temperature detector, oxygen detector, temperature control module and analog module, to achieve high control precision, good stability and timely monitoring.

3. Imported oxygen detector to have a timely monitoring for indoor oxygen concentration.



Time for creating anaerobic state in sample chamber


Time for creating anaerobic state in operation chamber


Time for maintaining anaerobic circumstances

12 hours (in the case of stopping filling micro gas mixture to the operating chamber)

Range of temperature-control in incubation chamber


Temperature fluctuation in incubation chamber


Temperature uniformity in incubation chamber


Power Rate


Net/Gross weightkg


Internal Dimension of Incubation Chambercm


Dimension of Operation Chambercm


Overall Dimensioncm


Package Sizecm


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